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MultiTraction Orchestra

Debut album Reactor One out now on SUPERPANG!

Listen on your preferred platform here.

On Reactor One:

"Alex Roth’s superb band push the limitations of their instruments... these sounds don’t seem of this world." — John Lewis, The Guardian Contemporary Album of the Month (★★★★)

"Stunning... riveting... music with real gravitas." — Dave Sumner, The Best Jazz on Bandcamp

"Startlingly good. Roth cleverly integrates each performance into the coherent whole, using restraint in his processes as he transports us through cloudy drones, fourth world neo-classical prettiness and wonked electronic experimentation."Boomkat

"A remarkable sonic collage by an A list of international improvisers assembled by producer Alex Roth. The sometimes heartbreaking poetry of Arve Henriksen's ever-astonishing trumpet sound is an indispensable feature." — John Fordham, The Guardian

"Remarkable... evokes a range of musical genres yet somehow coheres convincingly." Barry Witherden, BBC Music Magazine (★★★★)

"Reactor One is both engaging and sonically adventurous, and reveals more fascinating details on each listen."
Exposé Music Newsletter

"Incredible. Spectacular. It almost explodes in colour at times and adheres only to the boundless limits of the combo's sonic canvas. Resonates with beauty, clarity, emotion. Simply breath-taking. A whole other universe of entrancing music. A revelation." — Bernard Clarke, RTÉ lyric fm

"An immersive sonic experience in which elements of different soundworlds converge, from jazz to electronic experimentation, from contemporary chamber music to post-rock." (★★★★)

"Taking you on a scenic route into a world where time behaves differently and space gets moulded to fit your own being." — Maarten Walraven, MUSIC x

"Inspiring... A real brainchild of the 21st century." — Leonid Auskern, Jazzist Magazine

"An immersive audio experience [that] unfolds like a deep and never-ending quest."Música Terra

"Remarkable. Really really beautiful."
— Peter Hollo, FBi Radio

"An absolute delight of an album. This music just feels so alive!" — Jim Langdon, IDA

"A moving, evocative odyssey [through] a myriad of imaginative, mysterious environments and landscapes." — Dominic Valvona, Monolith Cocktail

"An experimental post-jazz trove." — Andy Cowan, MOJO Magazine (★★★★)


On "emerge entangled":

"This one really resonated with me." — Gilles Peterson, Worldwide FM

"Powerful, immersive and intense." — Mike Flynn, Jazzwise

"Spell-binding." — Ken Whelan, Dublin South FM

"A phenomenal virtual global orchestra... masterpiece" — Amy Watson, Culture on Call

"The ingenuity and thinking outside the box is mind boggling." - Sammy Stein, Jazz Views

"Incredible... beautiful and thoughtful but still has an energy and vibrancy." - Debra Richards, Worldwide FM

"Powerful and gorgeous... The song feels effortless, a true production feat." - Raphael Helfand, LaidOffNYC

"A mind-expanding epic with diverse textures invoking experimental jazz, electronica and black metal." - AJ Dehany

"Sounds like New Orleans funeral music hijacked by Godspeed! You Black Emperor... A moving, thrilling picture of the simultaneously confined and stretched worldspace we’re currently living in, and a small triumph of collaboration against the lockdown odds." - Dann Chinn, Misfit City

About MultiTraction Orchestra:

MultiTraction Orchestra is a networked ensemble with a fluid line-up of experimental musicians brought together by composer, guitarist and producer Alex Roth.

Debut single "emerge entangled" was constructed from improvisations recorded under COVID-19 lockdown by 27 musicians from 15 cities in 8 different countries. The track was played on radio stations across the world including BBC Radio 3 and Gilles Peterson's Worldwide FM show. Jazzwise called it "powerful, immersive and intense", while AJ Dehany described it as "a mind-expanding epic with diverse textures invoking experimental jazz, electronica and black metal."

Now, over two years in the making, the Orchestra's debut LP Reactor One brings together members of GoGo Penguin, Supersilent, Melt Yourself Down, Crash Ensemble, Sly & The Family Drone, and Hen Ogledd. Hailed by The Guardian as "a remarkable sonic collage by an A-list of international improvisers," the album transcends its lockdown origins and, according to G Point Audio, "retains at its heart a profound tonality and warmth. It takes you on a journey across land, sea and air that you’ll want to take time and again."

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