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New track: Palingenesis
1 May 2018  12:00 noon

Last week, on Earth Day, I asked my fellow Earthlings to send me photos of the sky wherever they happened to be. I received pictures from all over the world: snapshots of our corner of the universe as viewed from a boat on the Thames, a beach in Sydney, northern Poland, six different American states, Bali, Mexico City, all over England, Amsterdam, Cairo, southern Spain, Dublin, Sweden, Brazil, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Paris (the one above, by Peter Mallett), Warsaw, Hamburg, Italy, Wales, the Faroe Islands, Russia and other such far-flung places.

Collectively, these images (for me at least) express the infinite diversity of the cosmos as well as its underlying unity. We all share the same ever-changing sky, yet each person's view of it is different.

The video I made with the photos is for my new track "Palingenesis", the title of which can be considered to mean a "recurrence of birth", as in the following passage from Joseph Campbell's book "The Hero With a Thousand Faces":
"Only birth can conquer death - the birth, not of the old thing again, but of something new. Within the soul [...] there must be [...] a continuous 'recurrence of birth' to nullify the unremitting recurrences of death."

The term itself can be traced back to the Stoics, who used it to refer to the continual re-creation of the universe.

This track is a particularly big deal for me in that it's the first one I've composed, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered myself. Teaching myself how to produce my own music over the last couple of years has been a pretty steep learning curve - and I still feel near the beginning of this - but I’m at a point where the desire to share work is starting to out-weigh the frustration of feeling like a novice in this respect. Moreover, working solo means this is arguably my purest musical expression to date; if it's different from anything I’ve done before, I think it's because I'm getting closer to what I imagine “my” music to be.

Watch the video above, and download it free (or pay-what-you-want) here.


Sefiroth at Marchland
25 Jan 2018  12:00 noon

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New playlist
25 Jan 2018  12:00 noon

My favourite music released in 2017:


November 2017 news
11 Nov 2017  12:00 noon

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Future Currents EP out now
11 Nov 2016  12:00 noon


Buy / stream:

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New Future Currents video & EP pre-orders
26 Oct 2016  12:00 noon

The debut EP by my electric guitar ensemble Future Currents is now available for pre-orders, and you can hear a track from it below, complete with an amazing video by Morgan Beringer.

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Autumn 2016 news
23 Sep 2016  12:00 noon

My latest newsletter includes details of two special upcoming events:

Fugue State: a new dance / music theatre piece created in collaboration with choreographer Klaudia Witmann and the musicians of Sounding Motion, as part of Sound and Music's Portfolio programme.

Future Currents EP launch as part of this year's London Jazz Festival.

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