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Thanks for your interest in being part of the #MultiTractionOrchestra project - a remote orchestra of experimental composers/producers/improvisers facilitating collaboration while under lockdown. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting involved. Please note the deadline of 23:59 GMT on Tue 31st March.


  1. Download the original audio file via this link.
  2. Create a new project in your DAW with a sample rate of 48kHz.
  3. Set the global tempo to 112 BPM and the time signature to 5/4.
  4. Load the original audio file into your new DAW project, making sure that the sync pop at the start is lined up exactly at bar/measure 1, beat 1 and the one at the end is at bar/measure 56, beat 1.


Record something on a new track. This can be absolutely anything you like - the more creative/experimental the better. A few things to to bear in mind:

IMPORTANT: if you can, film yourself recording (phone/laptop camera is fine); if not, capture your screen (here’s how).


  1. Bounce only your new track(s) (i.e. mute my original track - I have that already) as a wav file (24-bit resolution, 48kHz sample rate), with dithering and normalisation turned off. Make sure you bounce from bar/measure 1 to the very end, even if you only play in the middle - the resulting file should be the same duration as my original (maybe slightly longer if there’s an audio tail of reverb/delay etc).
  2. Name your file in the format "firstname_lastname_instrument".
  3. Upload your wav file to WeTransfer or another file-sharing platform and email the download link to with MultiTraction Orchestra in the subject line.


  1. Sync your audio file with the video of you playing (or the screen capture).
  2. Upload the synced video/audio to YouTube with the title format “[Your Name] - #MultiTractionOrchestra submission”. The hashtag will help me keep track of all the videos. In the video description, please list the instrument(s) you've recorded and your location and include the link so that others can find out about the project.
  3. Tweet the YouTube link to me @AlexRothMusic with the hashtag #MultiTractionOrchestra.

Please make sure you send the files and tweet me the YouTube link by 23:59 GMT on Tue 31st March.

Any questions?

Get in touch on Twitter or via the contact page here.